Car Maintenance 101

In honor of the purchase of my (new to me) car, this week’s tips will revolve around my least favorite subject, car maintenance and repair. To be completely honest, whenever I hear a weird noise coming from my car, my solution is to crank the Dierks Bentley CD a little higher until the noise inexplicably disappears. I dread going for inspections because I’m always afraid that my car will have one of those 800 dollar problems and I always feel slightly like the local mechanic is lying to me because I’m the typical clueless-about-cars female customer. Of course, that last statement is a generalization, but I just want to make clear that although this is not one of my favorite topics to discuss, I have been blessed with a husband, who is very proficient with car repairs and has an affinity for all things auto. (Okay, the word I use is obsession, but affinity will work fine.)  No matter what you call it, his ability to diagnose and subsequently fix whatever’s wrong with my car is one of his best qualities. He has graciously offered to impart some of his car prowess upon us this week in hopes that maintenance of your vehicle won’t seem like such a scary prospect. I’ll also be sharing some money saving tips for your gas budget! So start up your engine, check your mirrors, and get ready to ride down the financial freeway!


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