For here or to go…

Ever wonder what to do with those fast food beverage holders? They seem like such a nifty little device, it seems a shame to just toss this piece of ingenuity in the trash. Use it to steady fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes to keep them from rolling around in the refrigerator. Since the cardboard is absorbent, store onions in each opening to keep them from smelling up your fridge. Feeling artsy? Put down a little newspaper under the cardboard cup holder to prevent spillage and use it as a color palette, bead holder, or glitter storage when it’s arts and crafts time. Create a cute jewelry “box” for girls by placing colorful cupcake liners or even just bright tissue paper into each of the four cup holes. You can make it even prettier by tying ribbon to each corner and letting them hang like tassels from the edges.

Girl's Jewelry "Box"


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