Rummage up some romance…

So this week, hopefully, you’ve discovered some ways to let that special someone know you care by creating one-of-a-kind gifts or blessing them with the time to do something they really love. I wrap up this series of tips with a gift-giving idea that won’t break the bank, but will still let your sweetie know they mean the world to you. Saturday mornings, maybe after you’ve cooked your loved one breakfast in bed, travel together through local yard sales, rummage sales, or even the flea market (which can get a bad rep, but is at least a fun place to people-watch) and see who can get the most creative, original, or meaningful gift for each other. Set a reasonable price limit, like five dollars, and compete (healthily, of course) to see what you can find in that range. It may be a gag gift or you might just stumble upon a rare find, but either way, you’re thinking of the other person when you’re browsing through merchandise and you’re using creativity to come up with an unusual gift for them. Check the local paper to see if there are any areas in neighborhoods near you that are having multiple-family yard sales or choose an affluent neighborhood that may have brand name gifts at generic prices.


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