The Story of Us

Sometimes in the day-to-day of life, it’s hard to remember those times in your relationship that took your breath away, warmed your heart, or brought you comfort, so take a little time out of each day this week to document the milestones in your relationship. Find a cheap, yet pretty journal to record in or even just type it up on your computer. Add any mementos you’ve saved over the years, ticket stubs from your first concert together, movie tickets from your first date, pictures from your first holiday together, whatever you have. If you’re not inclined to keep mementos, get creative and draw a stick-figure rendition of those memories. 🙂

The point is that if you keep a record of all those special moments to revisit, it’ll bring you closer to the feelings you shared in the early stages of your relationship and increase your appreciation for the bond you share with your partner now. Plus, when you have kids or if you have kids already, you will have created a beautiful love story to share with them or even to read at your 50th wedding anniversary celebration!


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