The Great Outdoors.

Okay, so I’m not the most outdoorsy girl. I don’t like being dirty, sweaty, or bug-bitten for long periods of time and the closest I’ve ever come to camping is watching Troop Beverly Hills in the dark. However, I do like to hike…mostly because you can go home and shower and sleep in your own bed. We went hiking in the mountains this weekend with some friends and I had a blast. The trail at this particular venue wasn’t exactly a trail at all. It was more like Tarzan’s playground, but it was the most fun I’ve had outside in a while. We ate lunch before we left, and we brought our own drinks for after the hike. Really the only thing we paid for was the gas for the short trip up there. Because I’m not…uh…nature-ally inclined, shall we say, I tend to forget about outdoor activities when it comes to entertainment. We climbed the surface of rocks, swung across tree limbs, splashed through the creek, and were generally in awe of the beauty in creation around us. It was the best workout I’ve gotten in a while, without ever stepping foot in that terrible mirror-lined building called the gym and we shared great conversation with friends as we crawled between crevices in the rocks and helped each other across gaps in the trail. So, the next time you’re bored, take your mom’s age-old advice and “Go outside and play!”.


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