Perfectly Portioned Price

I usually do the grocery shopping at the beginning of the week and pick up odds and ends as the week progresses, on a need to have basis. My husband gets paid weekly, so we only have about $50 for food each week, which doesn’t sound like much for two grown adults, but between shopping at Aldi and using coupons, it works out almost perfectly. I do have to get creative sometimes with the ingredients, but neither one of us is wasting away yet, so I think it’s working out okay.

Don’t get me wrong, I love generic grocery stores, but their chicken sometimes looks like it could slap on a few bandaids and bid you farewell as it walks out of the store, so I always go to Food Lion for chicken. Now, I am a gal that prefers her white meat to be hormone-free, so I usually buy the thin Perdue chicken breasts, but today I had a dollar off coupon for Perdue’s Perfect Portions, which is essentially the same thing, only the five breasts are individually wrapped and it’s usually a lot more expensive. To my dismay, there was no price listed, so the nice folks in the deli department sent me some assistance. When I asked the friendly meat market connoisseur, or Jeff as they call him on the streets, he said it was normally $8.99. To which I replied, American dollars?! My coupon wouldn’t even put a dent in that bad boy. Then he continued that tomorrow, though, they were going on sale for $5.99! **Insert the Hallelujah chorus playing in my head** That means I could come back and get them for, that’s right, $4.99! Cha-ching. I will see you tomorrow, Jeff, and by the way, that hairnet looks lovely on you!


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