It makes me feel like an old codger to say this, but whatever happened to the good ‘ole days? As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my favorite shows is I Love Lucy and that show has really got me thinking the past few days. Fifty or sixty years ago, people owned one television set, if they owned one at all, called their friends on rotary telephones, and women owned five, maybe six dresses, tops. There was no such thing as facebook, twitter, or texting. If people wanted to see what you’d been up to, they’d give you a call on the party line or come to visit you in person. Dinner was served around a *gasp* dining table. And a typical evening involved sitting around the living room or on the back porch and actually talking to one another. Don’t get me wrong, I love the modern convenience of cell phones and the internet. Never has it been so easy to reach someone or gather information, but I wonder if in all of our technological advances, we have somehow missed the mark.

A friend of mine recently began an experiment in simplicity and so far, has been enjoying the de-cluttering of her life and the simple pleasure of conversation. She’s cleaned out her closets, organized her cabinets, and  eek!, even got rid the shoes she didn’t really need. Follow The Simple Dragon’s journey and be as inspired as I have been to take drastic steps to reclaim something that all the technology in the world can’t make up for: simplicity.


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