My favorite things: Part 2

6. The Dyson vacuum~ Although it is quite pricey, it was totally worth the investment. As an indoor allergy sufferer, I knew I needed something with a lot of suction to get all the dust out of the carpet in our bedroom. You know what they claim about the Dyson never losing suction? Well, it’s true. I’m serious, that thing sucks up dirt from the other side of the world. It was totally worth using every bit of my bonus last year.

7. I Love Lucy~ Beyond the fact that it’s still funny after 60 years, I love that Lucy always blows her budget, yet she manages to use creativity and ingenuity to get what she wants. Plus, Ricky and Lucy lived in the same apartment building for years before they ever bought a country house. And Fred Mertz is still the funniest tightwad in tv history.

8. How it’s suddenly chic to be paying down debt~ I’ve always thought so, but with Oprah’s recent series on America’s Debt Diet, paying off your credit cards and school loans has become the hottest thing since those stupid Silly Bandz. Now, we can sling around phrases like “finding money in the margins” and “Let’s check the dollar bin at Target for something cool” like we’re Heidi Klum.

9. Celia Rivenbark~ With book titles like “We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier” and “Stop Dressing Your Three Year Old Like a Skank”, you can’t read this classically Southern author without busting off the top button of your discount rack pants. Not only is she born and bred in the South, she’s not afraid to make fun of her own kind. From being shunned by other moms on the playground for thinking a Nutri Grain bar was enough for her daughter’s breakfast to why the Sopranos would never survive in the South, no topic is off limits with this clever author.

10. Macbook~ I had a PC for years before being converted to the Mac. Not only is it very user-friendly, it’s also nearly impenetrable for viruses. You can create movies with your photos, design your own website, and most importantly for my writing, the letters on the keyboard are appropriately spaced to allow for less typos. Okay, so maybe I do have an absolute favorite thing! 🙂


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