Friends in high places…

Last week, I got a chance to visit my best friend at work. She’s a director for the local Fox affiliate’s morning show. I got a tour of the station, met the talent, got to sit in while she directed, and received a first hand look at all the aspects required to make a morning show happen. This one of a kind experience was not only fascinating, it was also free.  There is no other time in my life when I would have been able to get this kind of behind the scenes look at the television news industry than right now and even though we’re working with less money in our weekly budget, I’m finding ways like this to gain experience and knowledge, which makes up for our lack of funds during this season of life.

Earlier in the week, I took my husband’s car to be inspected and stopped by the front desk to visit a friend, who works as a receptionist at the dealership. We chatted for a few minutes and then she asked about my plans for the 4th. I told her we had planned to attend a local baseball game and the fireworks display that followed the game. Well, lo and behold, she told me a marketing manager for the team had dropped off several tickets for the dealership to hand out to customers and she asked if I wanted any. “Four please,” was my response and we ended up saving $28 on a game I had planned to pay to attend.

Both of these experiences should encourage you too, dear readers, to venture out of your comfort zone and be vocal about what you want out of life, as well as your budgeting needs. When you have a chance to see what someone does for a living, take it, because you never know what valuable information might be gained. If nothing else, it will give you a greater appreciation for the work your friends and family do on a daily basis. When someone asks what you’re up to, tell them, and maybe you and this person together can pool resources to meet a mutual need. Let people know that you’re not just budgeting because you’re cheap, but because you like to make the most out of your time and experiences and that you’re also willing to help them with their needs too. After all, what good is a dollar saved if you can’t share you’re good fortune with family and friends.


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